Cardigan Upcycle

I was rummaging through some old clothes for fabric to upcycle and came across this grey J Crew cardigan that I got as a gift during my college years, so a very long time ago 😀  It was old, but still in good shape. The fabric is wool with a fleece lining. I figured I could upcycle it into a cardigan I would wear again.

To start, I cut off the collar, buttons and shortened the sleeves (they were too long). 

And replaced them with a tartan bias tape trim.

I added frog clasps down the front, so that I could close it. Simple 🙂

A Wiksten Upcycle

I had a pair of white linen pants with a trim down the side seams. They were wide legged, and too small. Since I had seen the Sorbetto with the trim down the front, I figured I could upcycle the pant legs of these linen pants using the trim as a central trim on the front of the Wiksten.  The Wiksten is a simple tank top pattern for a beginner – no darts, just simple sewing.  Here’s how it turned out…

In this pic you can see the trim from the side seams on the front. 

This is a pic of the back, with the pant seam.  

Hard to believe this tank was a pair of pants, right ?!

Upcycling jeans…

After many years of saving old jeans, I got inspired and started using them… Denim is a fun and easy fabric to work with. It comes in many colors and is sturdy. And there are so many things you can upcycle them into. I hope these ideas will inspire you.  And if they don’t, send your old jeans my way 😉 (I know, how?)  I’m always looking for ways to get my hands on more used jeans for my projects, so your ideas and suggestions are welcome 🙂 

My first project: a sofa cover for the terrace.

And if you didn’t know what to do with all those hems, I found this idea on one of the many upcycling sites.  It’s super easy. All you need is glue (I used E6000 glue) and glue and roll into different sized circles, then glue them all in the order you like onto a piece of jean. And you’re done! It’ll definitely be a conversation piece on your table 🙂 Oh! and one pic with my first batch of homemade IPA 😉

A shopping tote (with the back pockets of a couple pair of jeans). I made this shopping tote from scratch. The size is based on the pockets. I will put a post together on how I made it.


A Sunglass pouch…this was mostly created to try something with a lining and a zipper. 


Revamped wedges…They had a plastic fake wood wedge, so I figured covering them with jean would be prettier. I did sew a seam down the side, an idea I got from a pair of 2-toned leather wedges I have.  The more I look at them though, the more I’m not sure about the flower…