Hemlock Sweatshirt

The past couple of weeks have been hectic between travelling for work and then catching up because you were traveling.  Granted my training was in Paris, but alas the workdays are so long that you never have any time to go out and actually enjoy where you are (i.e. Go fabric shopping 😉  Next trip, I will definitely go fabric shopping in Paris and write a post.

I did manage to sew a sweatshirt this week  after work.  The pattern is a free Grainline Studio pattern, the Hemlock. Jen from Grainline Studio put together a tutorial for this pattern. It’s a large long sleeve t-shirt pattern, that I figured would work as a pattern to copy a boxy sweater I have.  I actually only shortened the pattern.  It’s an easy and quick pattern to sew up.  

I used a black, white and gray sweatshirt fabric, and black jersey for the trim.  The jersey trim maybe was not the right choice…I’m still having difficulty choosing the right fabric for the pattern and adjusting it based on my fabric.  I usually start from the fabric, and look for the pattern. I’m still in the learning process, so it’s trial and error 😉


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