A Winter Skirt

It’s been very cold here in Lyon, ❄️so I don’t know when I will get the chance to wear this, but I bought this pretty multicolored polka dot wool mix fabric and thought it would make a pretty winter skirt.  I used the Andrea skirt pattern that I purchased online from République du Chiffon, à French independant pattern company. I used a hot pink fabric for the lining.

The pattern is simple to follow and I followed them exactly, for once 😊 It turned out pretty nice.

I’m really happy with the faux-pockets. I wasn’t sure how they would turn out given that the fabric I used was too thick for this pattern. 

Making Pants

As I moved from skirts to tops, in the process of learning how to sew, the next logical step seemed to me to be pants.  I started with boxer shorts to sleep in, with an elastic waist and then moved directly to wanting to sew a pair of stretch leather slim pants.  Needless to say this is a big stretch from simple elastic waisted pants. But why keep it simple when you can learn the hard way?! 😉 

As I have said before, my learning process hasn’t been gradual, moving from simple to more elaborate.  Instead, I get inspired by something I see, then add my touch, and of course use a material that I have ever used before.  I just jump right in 😉 One thing to keep in mind with this method, though, it that it takes much longer to complete a project, since it’s a lot of trial and error. This means lots of sewing & taking apart , recutting, sewing and resewing etc.  Sometimes it’s a little frustrating and sometimes you spend a lot of time online looking for solutions to your problems, and sometimes you just put them aside and start something new.

So my first pair of pants with a zipper were in stretch leather.  I bought 3 olive stretch leather lamb skins on a French website called Cuir en Stock that sells leather. The leather was 2nd category, which means it has some flaws, but it’s much less expensive.  And for a first pair, it was fine.  I used the Burda style Leather Leggings 08/2010 #123 Pattern. A simple slim Pants pattern with a side zip and no pockets. I lowered the waist on the pattern.


I also used this pattern to make a cotton piqué version.

Making a robe

I decided to make my Mother a robe for Christmas. I started a week before Christmas, which is obviously too late, since I just finished it. The pattern itself was simple to follow. I used Melly Sews easy robe tutorial.  I did tweaked it a little by adding a lining and cuffs on the sleeves, since I used a lighter fabric.

My fabrics: a lavender flannel main fabric and a bright lime green voile cotton with polka dots (2m x 1,5m each).

I followed the tutorial instructions for the construction of the robe front, back and sleeves using the main fabric, and then simply made a second one with the lining fabric.  

For the cuffs I lengthened the sleeves 12 cm longer than the sleeve/arm length so that I could fold it over and expose the polka dot lining fabric.

For the binding and the sash I used my main fabric and followed Melly’s instructions.

Here’s how it turned ! A little late for a Christmas gift, but still in time to keep warm on those cold winter mornings 🙂


Scoop Neck T-Shirt Embellishment

A while ago I purchased a black t-shirt from Asos.  It has a deep scoop neck and back.  The shirt kept falling off the shoulders, which is super annoying, so in order to wear it I needed to find a way to keep the sleeves put.

I saw some tops with bows to tie in the back, which would hold the top in place, so I worked with that and bought a 2cm wide glitter ribbon to sew three stripes on the back.  The top one was just the right width to keep the shoulders in place so that they wouldn’t slide off. The other stripes completed the back.

Simple. Check it out 🙂