2018 Honey Season


We are now up to 10 hives ! This year, we divided the Green Checkerboard Hive, to create the France Hive.  The Pink Waves and Blue hives are swarms that we captured.

The Terrace Hives: Pink Waves, USA, Racing Metro, Polka Dot and Green Checkerboard
The Shelter Hives: Green, Red, India Hive, and Raw

The 2018 Honey season turned out to be a good one, despite the lengthy rainy spring we had. We extracted 120kg (from 6 hives), which is great considering that the 6 hives from we extracted last year only made half that amount due to the severe drought.

Full Honey Comb

We extract the honey after the chestnuts flower, and this year it was in early August.

The honey is darker this year

Since extracting the honey is traumatic for the bees, we like to leave the remaining pollen and nectar from the heather and ivy that bloom at the end of the season for them.

Heather in bloom

This year the summer warmth has been lingering, and they are still bringing in lots of pollen and the hives are still very populated. It’s unusual to have 25°c weather this late in the season, since we are at an altitude of 600m. We’ll see what’s in store for the winter.

For more bee talk and to see our bees: https://bzzzbzz.bz/


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