A Brocade Skirt for the Holiday Season

Andrea Brocade A-line

On a trip to Rome last year I bought a black brocade fabric from Bassetti, this amazing fabric store in downtown Rome that dates back to the 50’s. It’s in an old building with at least 5m high ceilings and stacked with fabric from the floor to the ceiling. If you’re looking for it, they probably have it.  Whenever I go to Rome, I always swing by to just walk through the labyrinth of fabric and sometimes I walk out with a beautiful fabric like this black brocade.

I used the Andrea skirt pattern, from which I made a winter skirt. For this a-line version I made several adjustments.

A-line Andrea skirt


I cut a size 40, since after measuring my usual size 38 on the pattern, I realized it wouldn’t fit my 94cm Hips + 3cm ease.  Then I made the following adjustments:

  • lowered the waistline by 4cm
  • adjusted the waistband to 74cm, by making the back darts 2cm wide (8,5cm long), and the Front darts 1,5cm wide (6cm long).
  • omitted the faux pockets
  • added 4cm to the hem length
  • and finally, added 3cm to each pattern piece for the a-line for an additional 12cm
  • of  course, you also have to smooth the curves from your waist to hips to hem with a French curve
Andrea A-line Back view

I decided the hem the lining and the main fabric using the picot stitch on my serger.  I like the simple, modern finish.

Andrea Picot lining hem
Picot hem

Finally, instead of creating a waistband that included the zipper, I decided to go with a classic waistband and extended one side of the waistband to create a button closure at the top.

Brocade a-line waistband



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