A Kimono Sleeve Summer Dress


I love dresses, especially in the summer, there are so many pretty colorful cotton fabrics to choose from and I wanted to make one.  Nothing complicated because this would be my first dress.  I figured a shirt dress with a drawstring waist would be a good place to start.  I wasn’t ready to make my own pattern, so I purchased the Easy short sleeved Kimono Dress on Pattern Runway, which was the style I wanted, except for the elastic waist, and it was for jersey fabric, but it was going to teach me to adjust a pattern and how to sew interfacing into clothing 🙂

I was using a fine cotton fabric and didn’t want to put in an elastic waist.  I modified the pattern by taping the skirt and top parts of the pattern together once I had cut out my size and adjusting it,  instead of creating 2 separate pieces as indicated in the pattern and sewing together the 2 parts.

Given the fabric I was using, which was a little more rigid than jersey, I had to adjust the waist and hips so that the fabric would fall right once cinched at the waist. I used a print coral and white fabric, and added a solid coral fabric in the same weight for the hem, and for the drawstring waist. I found this fabric in a great little shop in Lyon, called Le Marchand de Couleurs.

It’s all in the detail 😉

I think the next time around I will lengthen the hem a little. Once I find that perfect pretty jersey fabric I will try the original pattern 🙂


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