A Knit Snood for Him


A couple of weeks ago, I purchased Phildar’s Fall / Winter catalog n°182« easy» knitting projects, with the intention of improving my knitting skills. And since I had made myself a snood, I thought I’d knit one for my husband based on the Theophilia pattern (68cm wide x 38cm long).

Tweed Snood

It’s a simple jersey knit, knit on circular needle, however, since I haven’t yet figured out how to knit with circular needles, I used straight needles, like I did the first time around. With this project, I did learn a couple of things, though, starting with how to calculate the number of balls of yarn if you are changing the wool you’re going to knit with.

The pattern was for Phil Rapido (41m) for size 9 needles (and the Phil Tweed (90m) yarn calls for size 6 needles, so the 1st step was to calculate how much yarn I would need compared to the yarn indicated for the pattern. This is very simple to calculate:

1- Multiply the number of balls of yarn required for your pattern by the length of each ball (ex. 3 x 41m=123m)

2- Divide the total length above by the length of the quality yarn you have chosen. (Ex. 123/90=1,37 balls of yarn)

I decided to start the snood with 4 rows of knit stitch and end with 8 rows of knit stitches to avoid rolling. I’m not sure what I did wrong, cause they didn’t turn out the same, but I guess this will give the snood a visible difference between the top and the bottom of the snood. 🤔

Full length view of tweed snood

All in all it turned out wearable, albeit not perfect. The learning process continues…I’m going to try this again with a different wool and stitch 😉

Top of snood


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