A Tropical Moneta Dress


Summer is quickly coming to a close and between the “dress for a star”, (which took up most of my time), vacation and then getting back into the “work” routine, I haven’t had much time to share all my summer projects. So for the next couple of weeks I’m going to share what’s been going on in my “Atelier” starting with the Moneta dresses from Colette Patterns that I finally got around to sewing. I’ve had the pattern for a while, but got side tracked by other projects.

The first version, my muslin, was in a floral jersey. I cut an XS since the fabric was very stretchy. I didn’t adjust the pattern, and since the bodice seemed rather short, I ended up adding a 4cm waistband to lengthen it.

Floral Moneta
Floral Moneta waistband
Floral Moneta scoop back

It turned out wearable, although a bit on the tight side despite the stretchy fabric and it’s a little short for my taste. So I decided to try a size small, and to test the sizing I sewed only the bodice in white jersey. The jersey was a little thicker and had less stretch. This also allowed me to test adding 4cm to the length.

White Moneta Tee

The fit and length were better, but the sleeves didn’t turn out like the first version. I imagine it’s due to the fabric. I don’t like how the sleeves stick out. I will probably go back at some point to change the sleeves, so that I can wear it 😉

My final version, and my favorite 😍, is one I made in a cotton jersey tropical bird print fabric. I purchased this fabric with the Moneta in mind😊

Initially I wanted to make the sleeveless version, but I wasn’t up to inserting a lining so I made another sleeved version. I love the fabric and it fits perfectly.

Tropical Moneta
Tropical Moneta close-up

For this Tropical Moneta I had the same issue with the sleeves as with the tee, so I decided to make cap sleeves instead and I really like how it turned out. Especially since it was a change I made at the end and I winged it. 🤭

Tropical Moneta cap sleeves

NB. I simply put the dress on and pinned where I wanted the sleeve to end, added a 1 cm hem, then cut the sleeve down to the arm pit, and using a twin needle sewed the hem.

This is my favorite. I love the fabric and think the cap sleeves work well. This is the perfect summer dress to thrown on for work, a weekend picnic or an evening on the town 😊

The final adjustments, based on the first versions:

  • lengthened the bodice by 4cm
  • lengthened the skirt to just above the knee.
  • Cap sleeves

The next version will be sleeveless, but not until I find the perfect jersey fabric 😉 or maybe a 3/4 sleeve one for the fall ? 🤔

What do you think ? Any Moneta dresses out there ? Did you have any challenges or tips and tricks to share ?


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