Apple Patch iPad Pouch


Since I made the bees wax wraps, for which I used an apple print fabric, I’ve had this idea in my head to make a denim iPad pouch with an apple logo using the apple fabric. So yesterday I finally got around to making it.

To make the apple pattern, I found an Apple logo online, then I simply traced it directly from my ipad screen onto tracing paper.

Apple Logo on iPad screen

I cut out the pattern.

Apple Patch Pattern

Now, there are a couple ways to create the apple logo on your fabric.

You can create an apple patch from the fabric by ironing sturdy fusible interfacing to the back of the apple fabric, tracing the pattern and cutting it out.

Apple Patch

Your apple patch can be sewn directly onto the front of your fabric, using a zig zag stitch, like a raw edge appliqué.

Or, you can cut the apple out of the front panel of your main fabric, place your fabric right side to wrong side and zigzag the edge of denim to create your logo.

For the this second method, I first traced the pattern on the back of my denim and backwards.

Reversed Apple

Then I cut out a square piece of fabric slightly larger than my logo. I fused a sturdy fusible interfacing to my fabric.

Apple fabric and fusible interfacing

I placed the apple fabric right side to wrong side and pinned it in place and zigzag stitched on the right side along the edge of the denim.

Apple zig zag

A closer look…

Look at the detail…

The back will look like this, and you can trim the excess fabric to avoid bulk when you add your lining to the the pouch.

The back

Now your front panel is ready you can assemble your pouch.  I wanted to create some depth, so I created a patch work cover with topstitching like jeans.

Front panel

The final product…

Apple iPad Sleeve

What do you think ?



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