Bonnie Bucket Bag


I have sewn a couple Traverse Bags, but wanted something a little bigger, so I decided on the Bonnie Bucket bag from Swoon Patterns.

I chose a geometric upholstery fabric for the front panel and a black cotton canvas for the back. For the bottom trim and the bottom of the bag I used black leather. The lining is in a black cotton.

My version of the Bonnie bucket:

  • I cut both the front & back panels as one piece, instead of sewing 2 panels together.
  • I used black leather scraps I had for the bottom strip and bottom panel of the bag. I used a thin smooth goat skin (from which I fused a sturdy interfacing.
  • I skipped the zipper for the double welt outer pocket.

So, here it is. It turned out beautifully. And it came together in an afternoon. I absolutely love the fabric and with the leather bottom it looks so professional. I love it !

Bonnie Bucket Bag with Leather trim
Black canvas back
Geometric front fabric and black canvas back
Double welt pocket no zipper


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