DIY Bees Wax Wraps


Happy New Year !

To ring in 2019, I decided to join the new Bees Wax Wraps trend.  These wraps are a very nice way to limit your use of plastic and aluminum wrap and they are much prettier.

What you’ll need:

  • scraps, preferably natural fibers, like cotton or linen,
  • natural bees wax,
  • an iron and cooking paper.

The most important part of his project is ensuring that the bees wax you are using is really bees wax and of good quality. If you are buying your bees wax, ideally it should be made in a country that has ecologically sound methods of production, since you will be using it to cover bowls and other dry foods. You don’t want anything toxic in your bees wax.

Since we collected some bees wax when we extracted our honey last August, I used the bees wax from our hives, which I grated using a cheese grater.

Grated Bees wax

I used various scraps of cotton fabric that I cut into various sized squares.

Cotton Fabric Squares

And finished the edges with the serger and a picot stitch.

Picot edges

Next, place wax paper on your ironing board, place a fabric square on the wax paper, and sprinkle wax evenly all over the fabric.

Bees wax on fabric

Place another piece of wax paper on your fabric and using your iron press until the wax melts into the fabric.  Repeat until all the wax is melted evenly onto the fabric.

Iron bees wax into fabric

Once all the wax is melted, remove from the wax paper and let dry.  There you have it, colorful natural bees wax wraps 🙂

Bees Wax Wraps

To cover bowls.

Or a tarte plate.




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