DIY Dog Collar


We adopted a dog about a month ago, Ruby, and my first sewing project for her was to make her a pretty dog collar.

Supplies you will need to make one for your dog:

  • 2cm wide nylon webbing,
  • 2cm wide plastic side release buckle
  • 2cm D-Ring
  • 2cm buckle adjustable slider
  • Ribbon or bias tape to embellish the collar

I used a red nylon webbing and embellished it with a pretty red geometric fabric I had. (I made bias tape and then sewed the strip to the top of my nylon webbing).

Assembling the collar:

I thought it may be easier to show how to assemble the collar, rather than trying to describe the assembly. Hopefully this will be clear.

Step 1: Attach the slider. Slide onto one end, fold over and sew in place, wrong sides of the collar together.

Step 2: Attach the buckle. Slide one side of the buckle onto the other end of the collar strap.

Loop it through the slider. The wrong sides of the strap should be together.

Then continue to slide the strap through the other side of the slider buckle.

It should look like this.

Step 3: Attach the D-ring and the closure buckle to the unfinished strap. Slide the D-ring in place, then the buckle. Fold over to hold both in place.

I sewed the d-ring in place and the buckle in place separately.

Ruby looks perfect in her original and girly new collar 😍 Much prettier than the boring store bought ones. And so simple to make !

Ruby in her new collar. (This is the only picture I get with her sitting still)



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