DIY Dog Sleeping Bag


I had seen an adorable dog sleeping bag online which looked so cosy, that I had to make one for my Ruby. The sleeping bag is a simple 70cm circle with a pocket.

For fabric, I used an old sleeping bag, a scrap plush polar fleece for the lining and an old cotton shirt to make the binding.

The pattern is simply a 75cm circle, a 75cm circle with 19cm cut off the top for the pocket, and 2cm wide bias tape.

The assembly is simple. First assemble the bottom panels (exterior fabric and lining fabric wrong sides together). Baste them together.

Baste together the top pocket panels wrong sides together.
Sew the binding to the top opening of the pocket.

Finally, place the pocket panel and the bottom panel lining sides together and attach the bias tape all around the circle and finish with a topstitch.

The only difficulty was sewing it all together since it became pretty thick once all the layers were sandwiched together, But overall this is a very simple project.

And I love how it turned out 😊 The colors are beautiful. Perfect for my Ruby 🥰

Ruby seems to like it too! It’ll be perfect for road trips and camping !


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