DIY Headbands: Fabric Scrap Buster Project


Headbands are a fun summer hair accessory that can be worn on all lengths of hair and they are a great fabric scrap buster.

Here are a few quick and easy headband tutorials I found online that I used (and tweaked) to make a batch of my own 😊

The first headband I made are no-slip headbands for working out. These are super simple. These are made with 1cm wide ribbon scraps, with 1cm velvet ribbon on the inside (the « no-slip » part) and a piece of elastic.

No-slip headband

I made a couple of wider ones (2cm) with fabric scraps and without the velvet on the inside, and using a larger elastic strip (1,5cm).

Simple headband

Next up, the twisted turban headband from So Sew Easy. I used a scrap of wax fabric I had for the first one. For the second, I used a pineapple fabric, and made the elastic back smaller than the first.

I love these double braid headbands. The tutorial is super simple. For this wax fabric version I made strips of bias tape which prevents fraying. I also covered the elastic strip in the back for a more finished look.

I did the same covered elastic back for this version, but with the classic 1 in. strips of braided fabric method.

The jersey sports version. I folded the back in on the seam to narrow it in the back, which makes these easier to wear.

The bow headband. These are super cute. I did sew the bow in place so that it wouldn’t slide when worn.

And finally, this jean hem simple headband, was just an idea I had when I came across when organizing the jean scraps in my sewing workshop. This is just another easy way to use your jean fabric scraps. For some other jean upcycle ideas, click here.


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