DIY Lavender Sachets


While I was reorganizing my Atelier, I noticed how many fabric scraps I’ve collected and  thought I’d use the scraps to make lavender sachets, for my newly organized atelier. Not only does lavender smell good, but it also protects your clothes from moths. They also make great gifts 🙂

I have lots of lavender in my garden for the bees, and this time of year I collect the flowers and seeds.

This is a quick and easy DIY, and a great project to use up some of those scraps.  All you need is fabric scraps, ribbon and dried lavender.


I just cut the fabric scraps into 8cm x 15cm (folded fabric or 2 pieces), depending on the size of my fabric scraps.

Trim the top opening of the sachets with serrated scissors, and sew the sides and bottom together right sides together.

Turn the sachets right side out and iron them flat. Then fill them with lavender. The lavender needs to be packed tight. Then tie them closed. I used jersey string and jute string.

You’re done and everything smells great !



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