DIY Shearling Insoles


This is an easy winter DIY. I bought myself these awesome Swedish clogs from and so I could wear them in winter I made shearling insoles.

All you need is:

  • paper & pencil to either trace a store bought insole or create your own
  • a piece of shearling or faux fur

I used a piece of gray shearling that I purchased from on sale.

Trace your foot on a piece of paper. You can use a store bought insole, if you prefer.

Cut out the pattern.

DIY Shearling Insoles Materials

Check if it fits in the shoes you want to wear them in and adjust if necessary.

Trace your pattern on the leather side of your shearling.

Cutting out pattern in shearling

Using an x-acto knife cut the shearling on the leather side, only cutting the leather and not the fur.

Cut out shearling insole

You may have to adjust them a little based on how they fit in your shoes; you may also have to trim the fluffiness of the fur.

DIY Shearling insoles…almost done

And you’re done. Your feet will be nice and toasty all winter 😀

DIY Shearling Insoles…done!




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