DIY Surgical Masks…


The Covid pandemic has brought a new accessory to our daily life, the homemade surgical mask. There are many different tutorials out there, and since we are probably going to have to wear these for a while, I sewed a couple of different styles using some fabric scraps.

These are the 2 tutorials I used.

The first mask I made was a triple layer mask with a center seam and sweatshirt fabric filter layer.

Mask pattern from the Hospital of Grenoble

I added a metal strip to the outside that I removed from an old construction mask (FFP2 mask), so that the mask would sit snug on the bridge of the nose.

This mask is structured and very thick.

The AFNOR mask tutorial is the classic washable fabric surgical mask pattern. I used 2 layers of fabric, the interior fabric was a thicker cotton. For my husband I made the around the ear kind and for myself around the head.
These are quick to make so I made many.

The final batch I made were with a lighter weight cotton on the inside, since in the summer heat, the first ones were difficult to wear for long periods of time.


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