Easy DIY Floral Jean Jacket


Here’s a quick and easy DIY for the lingering summer season 😉

I saw a lot of denim with floral patches or appliqués during the summer, so I thought I’d embellish a new jean jacket to replace my old faded one that’s going to end up in my denim stash soon.

What you’ll need:

  • Jean Jacket
  • Iron on Floral patch
  • Fabric adhesive
  • Needle & Thread (or sewing machine)

Spray the temporary adhesive on the patch and place it where you want it on your jacket. (I cut mine down to fit in between the seams on the back.)

Iron it to fuse it to your jacket. Once the patch is secured in place, stitch around it using your sewing machine or a needle & thread. I chose a very detailed patch, which made it difficult to use the machine, so instead I sewed the edges that were most likely to unglue over time.

And you’re done! It doesn’t get simpler than that!


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