Easy DIY Summer Skirt


Summer is finally here and my favorite garment for hot weather are cotton elastic waistband skirts. They are lightweight and comfortable, and very quick to sew up. All you need is some fabric and a 2,5cm width elastic.

Batik fabric elastic waistband skirt

For a simple straight skirt you’ll need your hip width + 6cm for ease in fabric width. The length will depend on how long you want the skirt to be. I like these skirts with a little volume so I used a fabric width of 130cm, which is actually the whole width of the fabric (I have a 94cm hip measurement). I sewed the skirt a length of 42 cm finished (45 cm in total to include a 3cm hem allowance). For this batik fabric version, I sewed a separate waistband, but you could simply include your waistband width in the length of you skirt. The waistband is 3cm to accomodate a 2,5cm elastic.

I encased the elastic at the top to get that paperbag effect, which I think looks prettier if you are going to wear a tucked in tank or t-shirt. For the inside of the waistband I used a black scrap of cotton because I only had 50cm of this fabric, which was not enough to make the entire waistband with the batik fabric. I sewed the skirt with one seam in the back.

Batik skirt elastic waistband

I made another skirt with a pineapple fabric. For this one I added side seam pockets, which means cutting two pieces. I use a side seam pocket pattern from another pattern. To add the side seam pokets, you simply align them at the bottom hem of your waistband. In my case, 4cm below the top of my waistband. I also made the top seam on the waistband a little larger, so that it made more of a paper bag effect.

Pineapple skirt w/side seam pockets

This is a quick sew and is perfect for hot weather. Enjoy the summer !


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