Easy DIY: Swarovski Crystal Bobby Pins

Swarovski Bobby Pins

I’ve tried many different hair accessories on my curly hair, but the one I always come back to is the simplest, Bobby pins.  Easy to use, easy to hide in your hair if necessary and most importantly they work on any thickness of hair.  So to embellish this basic hair accessory, I first made nail polish embellished bobby pins and then I though I could make something a little more lavish using Swarovski crystals and a gold chain. Perfect for the holiday season ?

What you’ll need:

  • wire
  • Swarovski beads, 2,5mm, the color of your choice
  • pliers
  • and of course bobby pins

First you need to wrap your wire at the end of the bobby pin to hold it in place.

Next you string the beads on the wire the length of the bobby pin and wrap the end.

Finally, and before cutting your wire you need to wrap the wire around the top of you bobby pin and in between each bead, all the way to the end, cut the wire and tuck it in.  And your done.


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