Easy Drawstring DIY


Making string from scrap fabric is a great scrap buster and it’s very simple. I use this method to make drawstrings for pyjama pants, for example.


  • 1,8 cm bias tape maker
  • scrap fabric pieces 3,5cm wide
  • usual sewing supplies (sewing machine, thread, pins)

You will start by making bias tape. To do so, start by cutting 3,5cm wide strips of fabric and assembling them.

To assemble the strips to make one long piece, pin as shown below and sew along the red line.

Cut the excess fabric & press the seams.

Wrong side
Right side

You should have a long strip of fabric. Now, take the fabric and feed it into the bias tape maker.

Make the bias tape

Press the fabric as you pull it through the bias tape maker.

Once you have finished making the bias tape, fold in half, press and pin in place. Then sew along the open edge, as close as possible to the edge.

Now you just have to decide on the length you want, cut leaving 2 cm to fold over and sew to finish the ends. And you’re done.


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