Fabric Scrap Slippers


Happy New Year ! 🍾🥂

Over the holiday I didn’t have much time, but I was able to sew myself a pair of slippers. I’ve already made these slippers using old sweaters. They are based on the cosy slippers from your old wooly sweaters tutorial. For this second pair I used scrap fabrics in my stash.


  • felt wool fabric scrap for the exterior
  • black felt to line the front interior
  • faux fur for the insole
  • Leather suede for the outer sole (for a no-slip sole)
  • Strip of black felt for the trim
  • heavy weight fusible interfacing for the sole
  • usual sewing materials (sewing machine, thread, scissors etc.)

I already had my pattern from the last pair I made. I did add a little more seam allowance since my fabric is woven and not stretch.

After cutting all my fabric pieces. I sewed the strip of black felt folded over trim to the tops of the front and back pieces, and assembled the front to the back piece.

I ironed the fusible interfacing to the suede sole, then sewed the faux fur insole to the suede outer sole, wrongs sides together.

Suede leather soles

I sewed the top part to the sole. Wrong side to right side. I used a simple zig zag stitch to sew the top to the sole.

I zig zag stitched around several times to reinforce the seam.

cozy fabric scrap slippers

Finally, to finish the edges, I sewed a blanket stitch all around the sole with a scrap of yellow yarn I had. Since the soles are in leather suede I had to punch holes all along the seam so that I could get my needle and yarn through. To hide my reinforced zig zag stitch I sewed the stitches close together.

I like how these turned out. They are a little more structured than the first pair I made for myself and prettier, and they and will definitely keep my feet nice and warm through the winter ☃️

This a quick and easy project to start using all that scrap fabric you have lying around. Check out the instructables tutorial to make your own.


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