Jagua Sweatshirt


Welcome to 2019!  I hope this year is starting off well for everyone.

One of my resolutions for this New Year is to finish my list of projects — no more new fabric and patterns until I have completed the stack of projects I have in my todo list, and the list is very long 😉

To kick off this effort, this past weekend I made the Jagua Sweatshirt (Blousette Rose) in a light pink sweatshirt fabric with ribbed cuffs, hem and collar.  This pattern has a wide scoop neckline, compared to a standard sweatshirt.  This is my wearable muslin, for a future jersey linen version (coming soon, when I start my Spring/Summer sewing). I didn’t include the design on the back for this first version, to keep it simple.

The pattern itself is pretty straight forward. Based on the size guide I cut out a size 36. I used my serger to assemble it, which is much quicker, but changes the order of construction.  I used my sewing machine for the darts and top stitching with a twin needle.

The construction becomes the following:

1. Sew ribbed cuffs to sleeves

2. Sew ribbed hem to front and back

3. With sewing machine, sew shoulder dart.

4. Serge 1 sleeve to front piece

5. Serge ribbed neckline to sweatshirt

6. Topstitch cuffs, neckline and hem using a twin needle.

7. Serge second sleeve to back piece

8. Pin sleeves front to back from the cuff all the way to the hem

TIP: to be sure that the armpit seams are aligned pin and tack into place using your sewing machine. This ensures that they remain aligned when you sew up the side seams and sleeves using your serger.

9. Serge side seams and sleeves from the cuff to the hem.

I like how this sweatshirt turned out, but it does need some adjustments— the sleeves and body are too long, and there’s a weird thing going on at the collar, but I didn’t measure the pattern before getting started, so…

I made the following adjustments:

  • larger shoulder dart to flatten the seam,

  • shorten the sleeves
  • shorten the length



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