Knitting An Infinity Scarf


Winter and cold weather always finds me wanting to knit. I’m still a novice knitter, but I have knit several scarves and beanies. So like every winter, I decided to pick-up my knitting needles and knit an infinity scarf or snood.

My husband had given me 4 balls of beautiful thick turquoise and fuschia wool from Phildar for size 7mm (European size) knitting needles. I purchased a couple of other complementary colors to add to the mix for the length I wanted.


I didn’t have a plan for this snood, I just cast on 60 stitches and knit a garter stitch, switching the colors as I went along based on what I thought would look nice. The length was based on being able to wrap it around my neck twice. The final length is 140cm long and 27 cm wide.

I then cast off my last row of stitches, I weaved in the ends of the yarns and sewed the ends together. And there you have it. A multi-colored infinity scarf to keep me warm this winter. 😊

multicolored Wool snood


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