Lacy Slope Long Sleeve Tee


Greenstyle Creations is my go to pattern company for sports wear sewing. So, when I needed a black top for running this fall season I pulled out the Lacy Slope Long sleeve Tee. This is my first one (too many patterns too little time ;-), but I have sewn several Greenstyle Creations patterns: the Hudson Pullover PJ for him and Winter pyjamas for her, and Brassie Joggers for him and her.

I made this first Lacy in a black French terry with a hood and the thumb cuffs. I cut a size XS of the pattern in the « original length », based on the pattern measurements. Here’s how it turned out!

Lacy slope long sleeve t-shirt
The hood
Side view
Thumb cuff

I really like this long sleeve. It’ll be perfect for the fall running season. The size XS fits perfectly. I sewed the original length which is the perfect length for me (just below the butt). I like the thumb cuffs which are super easy to add. This is a top that comes together in an afternoon. I will definitely be making more of these 🙂 I also have to try the tank version.


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