My New Dress Form & Reorganizing My “Atelier”


I finally invested in a dress form! I’m surprised I made it this long without one, but I said the same thing when I got a serger 😀

Anyhow, after some research, on whether to go with an adjustable one or not, I decided to go with a “Prêt à Porter” B497 Dress Form from Stockman. Made in Paris 🙂

She’s perfect ! 🙂 And exactly my size, which I was surprised to learn is an exact 38 (87-67-94 cm) according to the IFTH (Institut Français du Textile et de l’Habillement), the French Institute of Textile & Clothing.  For more info.on Stockman Paris.


This new addition to my “atelier” created some havoc, because my space is super small, and gets messy fast, so I had to reorganize it to make room for my new dress form.

Until today, I was storing my fabric in plastic Ikea boxes and every sewing project I spend a lot of time digging through the boxes and scraps end up in a pile on the floor, so I decided to follow Leana’s lead, from A Small Snippet, and organize my fabric on shelves, so I can see everything I have and get to it easily.

My husband adjusted one of the storage shelves I had to a more standard 35cm width, to gain some space.  I put all the fabric scraps into boxes, all my new fabric is nicely folded and displayed on the shelves,and “Ms. Stockman” found her spot in my reorganized atelier 🙂


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