A Pattern Storage Idea


I have been looked for an efficient way to store Patterns.  I needed something that would not take up too much room in my my small atelier.  There are many methods to store Patterns but my husband had a brilliant idea.  Why not use a shoe organizer ?!  You can put it pretty much anywhere, it is suspendable and it’s large enough so that you don’t have to fold your patterns up too small.

I used a shoe organizer from IKEA. It is plastic and has 3 boxes that you can separate and install where you want.  I used poster paper to make dividers.  All you have to do is install the boxes in your space, create your dividers, and finally decide how you want to sort your patterns.

I chose to separate & suspend one of the boxes


I don’t have as many patterns as I have space to store them, but I’m definitely prepared 😀


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