PJ Shorts and a Top


It seems to me that the next step in the process of learning to sew was to try to draft a simple pattern.  After looking at several tutorials on how to draft patterns, the easy way to start was by tracing a pair of sleep shorts and top onto paper. This project would also be the first step in learning to sew pants (ie. inseams & crotches) which seem rather complicated. A tutorial on sewing shorts is available on Melly Sews.

To create my pattern, I folded my shorts & tank top in half lengthwise and traced them.  You need to make a front and back pattern. It’s a good idea to measure the waist of your shorts pattern, and adjust it if necessary, to be sure that they will fit over your hips.  Don’t forget to include ease.  I learned this the hard way 😉

This is how it turned out. I inserted an elastic waist with a simple casing and added eyelets to add a decorative ribbon in front. I made the bias tape for the tank from the main fabric, and not the right way, by folding it diagonally. Maybe that’s why the top didn’t turn out that nice. Not to mention, I’m not good with sewing jersey.

I also made my husband a pair of sleep shorts using the same method 🙂

I’m going to use these patterns to make pyjama pants for us, by simply lengthening the legs of the pattern 🙂


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