Sewing Machine Carrying Bags


I recently acquired sewing machine carrying bags and I thought I’d share them, to maybe help in your search for the perfect bag. Initially I was looking for a trolley, but after some research I decided that I probably wouldn’t be transporting both machines at the same time, since I’m never away from my sewing room for long, so two carrying bags would be more appropriate.

For My Bernina 350 sewing machine I purchased the below Teamoy bag. The machine fits In the bag perfectly and there’s enough room to slide all my machine accessories in the bag along with any other sewing project materials. I did find the bottom of the bag lacked rigidity so I added a wooden board (about 5mm thick) to make the bottom sturdy. It also has a zipped side pocket for smaller items, and a detachable shoulder strap.

For my Bernina L450 Serger I purchased the below Luxja bag. This bag was also perfectly sized and fit my machine along with accessories and thread cones. This bag has a sturdy bottom which helps the bag keep it’s shape around the machine. Although the machine takes up most of the space the front pocket and the side pockets allow to carry any additional thread cones, the pedal or any other items you may need to take with you.

Both of these bags are perfectly sized for both my Bernina machines and can carry many other accessories, sewing materials and fabric. Now, I am all set to transport my machines anywhere ?


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