Sorbetto Top Hacks


The Sorbetto top by Colette is the first piece of clothing I ever tried to sew and the “original” pattern is one I have come back to often because it is a near perfect fit for me.

This summer, to add to the collection and because I couldn’t stop buying colorful summer fabric, I made many variations, starting with a simple yoke Sorbetto.  I made a size too small, (I’m not sure why) and ended up having to add fabric in the shoulders so it would be wearable, but I think it turned out pretty well, considering.

Coral Yoke Sorbetto

A floral lace boat neck Sorbetto with piping. I used the Sorbetto boat neck pattern I drafted for the Claudie Pierlot inspired top I made here.

Floral Lace Boat neck Sorbetto

A dotted lace yoke Sorbetto with an inverted pleat in back. I also lengthened the back longer than the front and curved the hem.

Dotted Lace Yoke Sorbetto Front

A floral Sorbetto, which I think this is my favorite. The fabric reminds me of a field of summer flowers 🙂  I kept it simple for this one, but the fabric doesn’t need anything more 🙂  This top looks great with denim.

And finally, a V-neck Sorbetto with side vents and piping. This was the most elaborate and I think it works well, with the pinstriped cherry embroidery of the fabric. I really like how the v-neck with piping trim turned out – a very clean finish.

V-Neck Sorbetto
V-neck Sorbetto close up
V-neck with piping
Side vents with piping

I like how all these turned out, and will probably be making more…  I’ve already drafted the pattern for a jersey version and I’m thinking about how I’m going to make a dress version.  I’ll keep you posted 😉

Have you made any Sorbetto hacks to share ?


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