The Dress : Part 1


We are going to a wedding this summer, and I decided my big spring project would be to sew the dress I will be wearing.  The pattern I am going to use for this project is the Belladone Dress from Deer & Doe. I really like the simple lines and the open back detail on this pattern and thought it would be perfect for a summer wedding in a linen or silk fabric.

The first step was to sew a muslin (wearable, if at all possible.) To help me in my process, and to guide me in the adjustment of the pattern, I signed up for sewing class at Au Fil des Sommets, here in Lyon. I have taken several classes there since last year. I love the classes and have learned a lot, and figured it would accelerate the process to get some help.

For the first version I made the closed back version. I cut a size 38 and with some (a lot of) help I adjusted the bodice pattern to my size and sewed up a first version. I also lengthened the skirt to just below the knee

Overall, it looks pretty good.   I like the skirt and length. It fits well, except for the  bodice.

Belladone Muslin V1

The bodice with bust and waist darts was a challenge.  I spent a lot of time trying to adjust and re-adjust the waist dart width and its shape so that it would lay nicely, but it just wasn’t right.

Bodice Darts

I really like this cotton shirting fabric, so at some point I will probably go back to this bodice and try to either adjust it somehow or create a new one, but in the end, we came to the conclusion that maybe I should try a princesse seam bodice instead.

In The Dress: Part 2, I will share the creation of the princesse bodice, and a first version of the Belladone.






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