The Hudson Pyjama for Him


Since I’ve started learning how to sew, I’ve been a selfish sewist.  I have made a few things for others, a robe and pyjama pants, but nothing too elaborate. Most of my projects so far have been about learning to sew and the challenge of a particular garment, and I have often jumped into things that are too advanced for my skill level.

Now that I’m a little more comfortable and confident, I thought I’d dedicate some time to sewing projects for my husband, and to start, I’d sew him a jersey pyjama with a Hudson Pullover top.  This project also gave me the opportunity to better learn how to sew jersey with the serger (Bernina L450) I purchased this summer 😉

Some time ago I purchased the Hudson pullover from Greenstyle Creations, and decided to use this pattern for my pyjama top.  I selected a simple variation of the pattern, with cuffed sleeves and a crewneck.  For the pants I used the pattern I had drafted in Pyjama Pants for Everyone!.

I really like Greenstyle Creation patterns. The instructions are clear and easy to follow, and they sew up quickly.  I have already purchased several of their patterns, some of which I have already sewn, but have yet to write about. (Stay tuned 😉

For the Hudson Pullover top, I cut an XL from the fabric and it turned out a perfect fit.

Hudson Pullover

For the neck band, I was going to use a navy rib knit, but figured it would be too thick compared to the jersey, so I went with the same fabric, but vertically, and I finished it with a double top stitch.  I really like how it turned out 🙂  (I’m new to using a twin needle.  I don’t know why I was intimidated, but it’s super easy to use and makes for a nice clean finish.)

Hudson Neckband

I also added a DIY label… I haven’t gotten around to designing some clothes labels, so
I have been using bias tape scraps folded in half 😉

Pineapple Bias tape clothes label

For the sleeves, I had intended to simply do a simple hem, but instead went with the vertical striped cuffs.  I really like this finish.  It looks so professional 😀 and the cuffed  sleeves will prevent them from riding up when you sleep 😉

Hudson Sleeve Cuff

The PJ pants were also very quick to sew up with the serger.

I removed 5cm from each pant leg pattern, since the jersey doesn’t require as much fabric due to the stretch. I also attached the elastic to the waistband to avoid it twisting.  I finished the waistband and pant leg hems with a double top stitch.

Navy Pyjama Pants

So there you have it, a Hudson Pyjama for him 🙂  I really like how it turned out, and most importantly, my husband loves it too 🙂 This pattern is a great fit, easy to sew up and I’ve already bought some more jersey to whip up a couple more Hudson Pullovers for my Hubby 😉

Hudson PJ






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