Upcycle Sweater Blanket


I have been saving tons of old sweaters that were either too small, or eaten by moths, or just no longer being worn. Instead of throwing them away I thought I’d make a small sweater blanket.

How to make one:

  • First, cut apart you sweaters, removing all the seams, collars, cuffs or buttons.
  • wash the sweater at 60°c to felt the sweaters.
  • create a template of the size square you want. I’m not familiar with quilting or making patchwork patterns, so I started simple, a square of 12cm x 12cm (10cm square with 1cm seam allowance on each side).
  • next I started cutting my squares.
  • once I was done, I counted the number of squares I had per color and using the « paper » app on my iPad, I set to work to design the layout of my squares.
  • I then assembled all the squares based on my pattern. I used my serger which makes this relatively quick.
  • Once all the squares were assembled, I ironed the blanket to flatten the seams.
  • Lastly, I used an old polar fleece blanket I had to to sew a backing to the blanket, and top stitched the edges and that’s it.

A super warm wool patchwork blanket (130cm x 90cm) 😊

Polar fleece back


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