Upcycled Jean Duffle Bag


I have been thinking about this jean duffle sports bag for a while and since I’m on an accessories kick and I want to use scraps, I decided the time had come to sew it. The pattern is a combination of Crazy Little Projects Kid’s Duffle Bag pattern and the Simple Duffle Bag from the Stitching Scientist. I wanted the simplicity of the Simple duffle with the lining of the Kid’s Duffle. The measurements were identical, so I stuck with that.

Upcycled Jean Duffle Bag

For my version I used the following materials:

  • Main Fabric : old jeans – 9 strips of jean fabric 11cm x 51cm
  • Lining Fabric: 51cm x 81cm
  • 2m black piping
  • 2m of 3cm wide black cotton webbing for the straps
  • and the usual sewing materials (thread, needles, serger…)

First, I assembled my fabrics. For the lining I used fabric scraps of the same fabric that I serged together to make my 51cm x 81cm lining piece.

For the jean fabric, I cut 9 strips of jeans 11cm x 51cm and sewed them together. I topstitched them in place so that the seams would lay flat. I used a 1cm seam allowance. I drafted a half circle for the ends and cut half circles in jean. I used the same 2 colors for the circles.

Jean fabric for sports duffle bag

At this point, since I was adding a lining, I sewed my cotton webbing straps to the outer fabric placing them 13cm from the edges of the fabric, and starting 13cm below the top edge of the fabric.

Strap assembly

I added some reinforcement to where I attached the strap to the bag and left 50cm length (starting from the top raw edge of the fabric) for the straps.

Reinforced Strap

I then assembled the zipper to the fabric and lining. Sewed up the outer the fabric sides and bottom and then the lining, being sure to keep the 15cm open at the bottom to pull the duffle right side out. (See Crazy Little Projects for details in the assembly).

Here’s how it turned out. I absolutely love it. It’s exactly what I had imagined and it will be perfect to go to the gym?

Upcycled Jean Duffle Bag
Duffle lining

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