Upcyclying Old Favorites

Upcycled Jean Shorts

I always liked the idea of giving old clothes a new life, especially when the fabric is of good quality. Sometimes you just need to tweak the style with an embellishment.  Other times you can make something entirely new.  So, if the item is still in good condition, why not upcycle instead of buying new.

Over the years I have kept some of my old favorite clothes and shoes with the idea that either I’d wear them again or I’d be able to upcycle them into something new. So here are a few of my upcycling projects over the years.

One of my first projects when I started to sew was upcycling pants into skirts.  Since I am a denim junkie (see my post here), and after going thru many online tutorials on how to  convert jeans into skirts, I picked one and this is what I came up with.  Despite the crooked back seam, I think it turned out pretty well for a first 😀

I still don’t know why I bought the 3/4 suede pants that I transformed into a skirt. I may have worn them twice as pants, but as a skirt I get plenty of wear out of this new garment 😉

Suede Leather Upcycled to a Skirt

I replaced the lining with a skirt lining and I used the leather cord waist band to create a thin belt with a buckle and a tassle for the zip.

Suede Leather Skirt - side view

This pair of high heels I bought in college were great quality so I spruced them up with studs. This is an easy embellishment.  All you need is to punch the holes and screw in the studs.

Gold Studded Feet

I enlarged jeans that were too tight by adding trim on the sides so I could wear them again. Perfect for the summer! (More Upcycled jeans:  an upcycled jeans duffle, jean shorts).

Upcycled Jean Shorts

This jean skirt was very very short so I lengthened it with strip of fabric.  Now I can even wear this skirt to work in the summer.

Jean Skirt Embellishment - back

As you can see there a tons of simple things you can do with some old favorites, so don’t throw them out just yet.  Hold on to them and an idea may come to you ? or maybe the style will just come back. It seems we can pretty much wear anything these days ?


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