Winter Pyjamas Pants for Her…


Last spring I sewed a couple of Hudson pyjamas for my husband. I used a self drafted pants pattern and the Hudson pullover pattern from Greenstyle (See post here). This time I wanted to treat myself to some pretty pyjamas pants for the winter. For this Ladies version, I used the 5 out of 4 Pajama Pants Pattern for the pants and the Hudson Pullover from Greenstyle Creations for the top.

5oo4 Pajama Pants

For the pyjama pants, I prepared the pattern in a low rise size XS (my size is small according to the measurements table). The instructions recommend sizing down and sewing the low rise version for women since it provides for a less voluminous fit. This first version in a light green and pale blue star print cotton fabric, includes the optional drawstring, pockets and a color block hem.

To sew the color block hem, I cut the pyjama pants in the main fabric at the Capri length + 1cm seam allowance, and I cut the accent fabric the remaining pant leg length + 1cm seam allowance.

Sewing the color block hem with flat piping

To separate the color block, I used a scrap of white cotton to make flat piping. I cut 4 strips of fabric the width of each pant leg and 3,5cm wide, and folded them in half and pressed. (For details on how to sew this, see my post Pyjamas Pants for Everyone!)

Color block hem

I made the side seam pockets in the blue fabric.

Blue pockets

I made the drawstring from the blue star fabric and cut a 140cm long (see Easy Drawstring DIY).

I finished these Pyjama pants with a 2cm cased elastic.

For the pyjama top I sewed a Hudson Pullover in a size x-small in a white jersey eyelet. The chest / chest measurement is 34in – 36in, so I adjusted the pattern to remove about an inch all around. I also shorten the sleeves and the length of the hem.

For the sleeves, I cut the cuffs the full length, but sewed them without adding the thumb holes.

And here it is. The starry pyjama.

The Hudson top
The pyjama pants

The size XS pyjama pants are a little snug around the hips for my taste (I need a little more wiggle room), but they fit perfectly otherwise. I love the fabric combination.

The Hudson pullover didn’t turn out how I had hoped. I need to work on adjusting the pattern to my size a little better, but I think the main problem was the fabric. It was very difficult to work with — Very light weight jersey cotton, extremely stretchy and didn’t keep it’s shape, so the hem doesn’t look very nice. I had intended to add a matching pocket below to the Hudson, but the jersey eyelet was too lightweight.

Drawstring & Pocket

All in all, it’s wearable, but I have to go back to the drawing board to make some adjustment.


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