Yarn Graffiti


I’ve always liked « yarn graffiti ». It’s a creative way to embellish urban environments. So when we installed a new bathroom in the guest room of our country house, I thought it’d be the perfect opportunity to make some yarn graffiti to decorate.

The yarn graffiti was to decorate the gray pipe of the ecological toilet we installed in the bathroom.

The pipe is 186cm long and 26cm wide. I purchased an assortment of acrylic yarn and started knitting in a jersey stitch switching colors randomly as a went along.

The width needed to be snug so it wouldn’t slide down once sewn around the pipe and the length longer than the pipe, since stretching it around the pipe would shorten it. I ended up knitting 23cm wide and 200cm long.

Once I finish knitting, I simply sewed it to the pipe with some yarn. No need to try to hide the stitching, since the objective is that it remains rustic, and of course it’ll be on the back side of the pipe.

The end result ? Very cool. I love it. Rustic, original, and pretty. It looks much better than the gray pipe and is definitely a conversation piece when we have guests 😊


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