Yoga Waistband Leggings


I recently bought this lace print gray and black jersey fabric and thought I’d sew a pair of winter leggings. The fabric is relatively thick so should be perfect for the cooler months with boots and a slouchy sweater or tunic.

I used the KwikSew 3636 leggings pattern to sew these.  The fit of the pattern is great, with simple instructions. This pattern also taught me how to attach an elastic directly to the waistband. (My first variations are at the end of this post.)

For this third version, I wanted a pair of leggings with a yoga style waistband.  I therefore lowered the waist of the leggings by 4cm to replace the classic rolled over elastic waistband with a 5cm yoga waistband. The below picture is before shortening the leggings.

KwikSew 3636 Leggings – Very close fitting

To make the waistband I simply cut out a strip of fabric 12cm in width (incl. the 1cm seam allowance) and the length of my waist size.  I didn’t add a seam allowance, since I wanted the waistband to be snug so the leggings would stay up.

I sewed the short ends of the waistband (right sides together) with the same seam allowance as the rest of the pattern, 1cm ;  Fold the waistband in half, wrong sides together. I pinned the seam to keep the seam allowance aligned to avoid bulk when sewing it to the leggings.

Folded waistband

Since the waistband will be smaller than the waist of the leggings, divide the waistband in 4 (mark the 4 sides with a pin) to help you evenly attach the waistband to the leggings.

Align the raw edges of your leggings and waistband, right sides together.  Starting at the back, align the waistband seam to the back seam, then the front to the front seam and sides.  This will ensure that the waistband is evenly distributed along the waistline. Finally pin the rest of the waistband, to guide you as you sew.

Raw edges of waistband & leggings aligned

When sewing, go slow, and stretch the waistband a little as you sew to make sure that it fits nicely and evenly onto your leggings.

Attached waistband

Once you are done sewing, you can flip over the waistband and iron the seam allowances downward, pin along the seam, pinning your seam down so that you catch it when you top stitch.

Pin down seam allowance of waistband

To finish I top stitched with both the waistband and ankle hems with a twin needle.

Double top stitch waistband

I really like how these turned out. The yoga style waistband makes for a nice clean finish. And it took me longer to write this post than to sew these leggings 😀

Yoga Waistband Leggings
Close up

Like I mentioned, I have already sewn both the close and very close fitting versions of this pattern.  Here are a couple pics.

My first (test) version of the pattern was the very close fitting one, which I made from some jersey fabric scraps I had left over from another project.

Safari Leggings to sleep in

My second version, was a pair of joggers with sweatshirt fabric using the close fitted version, since the fabric had less stretch.  For these I added ankle cuffs and a sweatpants style waistband with a drawstring

Green Joggers
Drawstring waistband



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