Zero Waste: Make-up Remover Pads & Bag


I have been wanting to make this zero-waste project for a while and finally got around to it. It’s a great project to use all those fabric scraps and a perfect gift to encourage less waste and give Mother Nature a helping hand.

There are lots of tutorials out there for these. I just thought I’d share how I made them. These washable Make-up remover pads with a matching wash bag were made with:

  • bamboo terry cloth
  • colorful cotton fabric scraps
  • cotton mesh fabric
  • cotton canvas
  • cotton cord for the drawstring

The make-up remover pads:

These are simple to make. I drafted a 10cm circle pattern and cut out circles of bamboo fabric and scrap fabric. (Includes 0,5cm seam allowance).

Sew the wrong sides together, being sure to keep at least a 2 cm opening to be able to turn them right side out and then topstitch them 0,4cm from the edge.

I made 15 make up remover pads for the first set.

The matching wash bag :

wash bag design
  • I cut a 16cm circle from the cotton canvas for the bottom of the bag.
  • 2 strips of canvas 16cm large by 6cm high
  • Made flat piping and drawstring trim with matching scrap fabric
  • 2 strips of cotton mesh 20cm x 16cm
Bag canvas bottom

I assembled the bags, adding a piping and drawstring trim that matched the make-up remover pads.

Make up remover pads & matching wash bag

This a simple zero waste project. It is environmentally friendly ? and will make a great gift. I have already made several batches to give as gifts. ?


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